March 4, 2009

Understanding Our Current Tax System

Sarah Nutter

Senior Scholar

Session Two: Wednesday March 4, 2009
Breaking Down the Tax Burden
Dr. Sarah Nutter
Associate Professor of Accounting
George Mason University

Taxation has always been a major part of American politics and continues to be a focus for debate and discussion. Policymakers aim to create a tax system that meets the government's needs and goals yet does not hinder the individual or corporation to a significant extent. To better understand the economics of taxation and our current tax system, the Mercatus Center at George Mason University is pleased to present a two-day course on the American Tax System.

With tax cuts being implemented and more people being subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax, the sources of our federal income is likely to shift. To take a more intricate look at our current tax system, Dr. Sarah Nutter of George Mason University presents a detailed analysis of our federal income and examine such issues as the tax burden, progressive and regressive tax systems and the Alternative Minimum Tax.