February 23, 2017

Book Release: Reframing Financial Regulation

Hester Peirce

Former Senior Research Fellow

J. W. Verret

Senior Affiliated Scholar

A new Mercatus book, Reframing Financial Regulation: Enhancing Stability and Protecting Consumers, edited by Hester Peirce and Ben Klutsey reimagines the financial regulatory framework from the ground up to create a system that works for everyone including consumers, investors, and small business owners.

On February 23 the Mercatus Center hosted a discussion with several of the authors of Reframing Financial Regulation. With the possible repeal of Dodd-Frank looming, the event provided an opportunity to hear practical solutions on how the financial regulatory framework can best be reformed via a thoughtfully-regulated, market-based financial system that facilitates risk sharing, provides access to capital efficiently, and enables households to save for the future.