Sep 17, 2018

NAFTA Needs a Tune-Up, Not a Major Overhaul

Daniel Griswold Senior Affiliated Scholar

As talks resume with Canada this week over revising the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), President Trump is threatening to terminate the accord if our northern neighbor refuses to agree to U.S. terms, including the scrapping of its protectionist dairy program. While the almost 25-year-old agreement is due for a tune up, ending it with Canada would be a huge mistake.

Negotiations so far have yielded mixed results. In bilateral talks, the United States and Mexico agreed to add a chapter enhancing digital trade, and for Mexico to raise its “de minimis threshold” exempting small shipments from customs inspections and duties to $100. Other rule changes would protect intellectual property and reduce non-tariff barriers against agricultural trade...

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Photo credit: Marco Ugarte/AP/Shutterstock

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