Mar 26, 2019

Dr. Bruce Yandle's March 2019 Economic Situation Report

Bruce Yandle Distinguished Adjunct Fellow, Chad Reese Staff Writer

This week, we're very happy to be able to connect our listeners with Dr. Bruce Yandle, Distinguished Adjunct Fellow at Mercatus, Dean Emeritus at Clemson University, and author of the now-famous “Bootleggers and Baptists” model for understanding unlikely political alliances.

Long-time Mercatus fans will know that Bruce has been providing regular updates on the state of the economy for some time now, and earlier this month he released the March 2019 edition. Last week, he was on Capitol Hill sharing his economic situation report with policymakers, and we thought we’d share the audio from that meeting with you.

In just a minute, Bruce will talk about the December Market sell-off and what it means for 2019, the effects of the government shutdown, the future of interest rate policy, and more.

Before we turn the mic over to Bruce, if you like this kind of content, let us know! You can find Chad on Twitter @ChadMReese, or email him at Drop us a line and let us know if you’d like to hear from Bruce more often on the Download!

Want to learn more about Bruce? You can find his work and other quarterly economic situation reports here.

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