Apr 17, 2018

Here's to Dynamic American Cities!

Emily Hamilton Senior Research Fellow , Salim Furth Senior Research Fellow , Chad Reese Staff Writer, Matt Yglesias

Just about everyone who lives in a metropolitan coastal area understands the value of affordable housing. It's a given that if you want the benefits that come with living near lots of people and businesses, you're going to have to pay more for your mortgage or rent.

That might be most obviously true of California, where growing demand and stagnant supply have produced 10 of the 11 most expensive metropolitan areas in the country. The state is aware of the problem and at least one potential response, California Senate Bill 827, would address it by limiting the ability of local governments to restrict housing supply.

This expert panel will get us started by talking about California and SB 827 and then they’ll try to unpack what this means for the rest of the country:

Matthew Yglesias, Vox.com Senior Correspondent and author of "The Rent Is Too Damn High

Emily Hamilton, Mercatus Center State and Local Policy Research Fellow

Salim Furth, Mercatus Center Senior Research Fellow

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