DACA Compromise Proposal

In a one-page framework document published Thursday, the White House proposed a compromise on immigration reform. Senior Research Fellow Daniel Griswold wrote on the proposal earlier today.

Bottom line: “In essence, the White House is offering a one-time legalization of a limited stock of immigrants, in exchange for a large and permanent reduction in the future flow of legal immigrants.”     

  • The proposal would provide a pathway to legal status for participants in the Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program
  • Doing so would be a positive step for the American economy
  • The proposal calls for $25 billion in border enforcement funding (including a wall on the Mexican border)
  • Such a wall is unlikely to fix illegal immigration, but is likely to damage America’s economic and foreign policy interests
  • The proposal also aims to permanently cut legal immigration by about 25 percent
  • These cuts are not offset by increases in employment-based immigration

Alternative solution: Griswold recommends addressing DACA prior to its scheduled expiration in March, and focusing on border enforcement methods with “a real and positive impact on our security.”

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Photo credit: Mario Vazquez/AFP via Getty Images