Reframing Dodd-Frank: Hester Peirce’s Ideas for Reform

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Dodd-Frank was enacted in response to the financial crisis, but has it done what it was intended to do? And if not, how can it be fixed?

Hester Peirce is in a unique position to answer those questions. She watched Dodd-Frank’s implementation while working on the Senate Banking Committee, has witnessed its effects while serving at the SEC, and has spent years at Mercatus studying the American financial system and Dodd-Frank’s effect on it.

Her practical experience and academic study have convinced her that a paradigm shift is needed for effective reform. She joins Chris Koopman to talk about ideas for fixing Dodd-Frank’s flaws in order to ensure the financial market can continue to power the American economy without the risk of another crisis.

To learn more, read Revisiting Dodd-Frank by Hester Peirce.