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Mercatus research champions the merits of dynamic, market-oriented approaches to pressing policy problems. Our scholars regularly share these research-backed insights with decision-makers at the local, state, and national level.

Housing Reform in the States: A Menu of Options for 2024

As state legislatures meet in a year of inflated rents and record home prices, it remains abundantly clear that barriers to housing construction are causing affordability challenges. States play a vital role in setting the rules and incentives that influence whether localities decide to permit new housing construction. Overly restrictive local zoning is the fundamental cause of America’s housing shortage, and states can place limits on local zoning as well as reform the processes that make land use regulation a source of frustration for so many local officials and citizens.

city apartment construction site to represent topic of local zoning regulation

AI Policy Guide

Artificial intelligence will have a huge effect on the economy. To ensure the effect is a net positive, policymakers need to understand AI at a deeper level to shape a governance regime that maximizes the social benefits of AI and mitigates its risks. This guide serves as continually updated resource to equip policymakers with the knowledge they need to make smart decisions about a fast-moving and complex issue.

city apartment construction site to represent topic of local zoning regulation

2023 State Drone Commerce Rankings

Worldwide, commercial drone services are being tested and permitted. Progress in the United States has been slow, in part because of a lack of clarity about the federal and state roles in drone and airspace management. This report scores the 50 states and ranks them using their laws and drone industry data that indicate their preparedness for commercial drones. 

illustration showing drone highway above a city street

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