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Mercatus research champions the merits of dynamic, market-oriented approaches to pressing policy problems. Our scholars regularly share these research-backed insights with decision-makers at the local, state, and national level.

AI Policy Guide

Artificial intelligence (AI) will have a huge effect on the economy. To ensure the effect is a net positive, policymakers need to understand AI at a deeper level to shape a governance regime that maximizes the social benefits of AI and mitigates its risks. This guide serves as continually updated resource to equip policymakers with the knowledge they need to make smart decisions about a fast-moving and complex issue.

city apartment construction site to represent topic of local zoning regulation

Housing Reform in the States: A Menu of Options for 2023

Inflated rents and record home prices make it abundantly clear that the housing supply is insufficient to meet demand. Overly restrictive local zoning is the fundamental cause of America’s housing shortage, but state legislatures can still ensure that their housing markets are a source of economic strength and opportunity. Placing limits on local zoning allows cities to creatively approach their own situations while averting abuses of regulatory power.

city apartment construction site to represent topic of local zoning regulation

Cutting Red Tape in the States: Eight Options for Reform

Regulation is pervasive in the United States and touches nearly every aspect of Americans’ lives. The labels on breakfast foods, the flow rate of water in the shower, and the fuel efficiency of cars are all regulated by the federal government. Each year new rules get added to the lawbooks, adding pages of new requirements. Yet typically few rules are removed to offset the growth.

Cutting red tape illustration, showing lit lighthouse guiding woman through a sea of red tape strips

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