'The Clash of Economic Ideas' Book Panel

On Wednesday, April 25, 2012, the Hayek Program hosted a panel discussion on Hayek Program Distinguished Senior Fellow Lawrence H. White’s book, The Clash of Economic Ideas:  The Great Policy Debates and Experiments of the Last Hundred Years. This book interweaves the economic history of the last hundred years with the history of economic doctrines to understand how contrasting economic ideas have originated and developed over time to take their present forms. The discussion was chaired by Hayek Program Director Peter Boettke and included comments by Douglas Irwin, Professor of Economics at Dartmouth College, and Perry Mehrling, Professor of Economics at Barnard College. Professor White begins the panel with a discussion of the main contributions of his book, which is followed by comments from Professor Irwin and Professor Mehrling, respectively. Professor White concludes with a response to his commenters.

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