Ordoliberalism For the Modern Day — Erwin Dekker & Malte Dold

On this episode of the Hayek Program Podcast, we continue a miniseries on ordoliberalism in the modern day, hosted by Erwin Dekker. Joining Dekker for this episode is Malte Dold as they examine some distinctives of ordoliberalism, particularly on the nature of individuality and citizen sovereignty. Dekker and Dold also discuss the ordoliberal contrast with James Buchanan's work, and Dold explains why he views ordoliberalism as a school of political economy rather than simply a school of economic thought. Additionally, we'll hear how ordoliberalism plays out in the modern world and the value that it brings to analyzing groups such as the European Union.

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To read more of Dold's work on ordoliberalism, find his book here.

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