Andrew Jason Cohen

headshot of andrew jason cohen
    Former Visiting Fellow

Andrew Jason Cohen is a former visiting fellow with the Mercatus Center's Program on Pluralism and Civil Exchange. Cohen is Professor of Philosophy and Founding Director of the PPE Program at Georgia State University. He is the author of Toleration and Freedom from Harm: Liberalism Reconceived (Routledge, 2018) and Toleration (Polity, 2014) as well as numerous articles.  Increasingly, he is looking at toleration (or the lack thereof) in our system of criminal law, in business ethics, & other fields of applied ethics as well as at issues relating to free speech and civil discourse.  He blogs at; he previously blogged at  (CV and papers available at

Fellowship focus: 

  • Civil discourse and honest public ethics
  • The role of principles-based ethics in civil discourse