Angela Kuck

  • Former Deputy Director of the Spending and Budget Initiative, Former Director of Policy Communications

Angela Kuck was the Deputy Director of the Spending and Budget Initiative and the Director of Policy Communications for the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. 


Publications & Appearances

“Fixing” the Tax Code: Key Principles for Successful, Sustainable Reform

The nation’s persistently sluggish economic growth and dire long-term fiscal outlook have increased the urgency of the need to reform the federal revenue system. But what does successful, sustainable tax reform look like? What are its key elements? And what would it achieve?

Biennial Budgeting: A Look at Intents vs. Potential Outcomes

Frustration over federal budget gridlock is fueling renewed interest in reforming the congressional budget process. Timely, effective budgeting has proven increasingly elusive for both Democratic and Republican Congresses—both of which have had to rely on temporary funding measures to bridge between one fiscal year and the next. One proposal getting significant attention in Congress is a move away from an annual budget to a biennial budget.