Bradley Herring

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Bradley Herring is associate chair for academic programs, director of the PhD concentration in health economics and policy, and an associate professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He has served on the president’s Council of Economic Advisers and currently serves as chair of the Board of Directors for the Maryland Health Insurance Plan.

Publications & Appearances

Explaining the Growth in US Health Care Spending Using State-Level Variation in Income, Insurance, and Provider Market Dynamics

At least 70 percent of the recent slowdown in healthcare spending can likely be explained by long-standing patterns in healthcare spending related to changes in income, insurance, and provider market characteristics.

The Pre-existing Condition: Guaranteed Renewability and Equitable Tax Treatment

Guaranteed-renewable insurance allows those with chronic health conditions to pay a pooled premium that is the same as that paid by those without chronic health conditions, but as a result of a voluntary decision to pool together rather than a regulatory requirement to do so.