Brian Baugus

  • Associate Professor of Economics, Regent University

Brian Baugus has been an assistant professor of economics at Regent University since 2012. Before joining the Regent faculty he was on faculty at several others schools. His non-academic experiences include five years working the Maryland state legislature where, among other duties, he conducted sunset reviews. Dr. Baugus holds a doctorate and masters in economics from George Mason University, an MBA in finance from Vanderbilt University and a BA form McDaniel College.

Publications & Appearances

Sunset Legislation in the States: Balancing the Legislature and the Executive

A new study for the Mercatus Center at George Mason University shows that the sunset review process can also be seen as an effective bargaining tool for the legislature to minimize the executive branch’s influence on a wide variety of state boards and agencies. It is a way for the legislature to make its veto power credible and to have influence over an agency’s agenda, which is also influenced by special interests and the executive branch.