John E. Anderson

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John E. Anderson is a Baird Family Professor at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

Publications & Appearances

The Spread of Use-Value Assessment Programs for Agricultural Land Across the United States

Each state in the United States has adopted some form of UVA policy, starting with Maryland in 1960, ending with Wisconsin in 1995. While this adoption of UVA policies was driven in part by concern among policymakers about urbanization and a desire to preserve farmland, a recent study also shows that the lobbying power of agricultural interests played a role in the spread of UVA tax policy.

Property Taxes for Agriculture: Use-Value Assessment and Urbanization across the United States

A new study for the Mercatus Center at George Mason University analyzes the spread of use-value assessment as applied to agricultural and rural lands across the 50 states and finds that while the spread of UVA was driven in part by concern over urbanization, the diffusion of UVA as a tax policy across the United States is best explained by effective political lobbying by agricultural interests.