Kevin Erdmann

Visiting Fellow

Kevin Erdmann is a Visiting Fellow at the Mercatus Center. Erdmann is currently engaged in two book projects with Mercatus on housing finance, land-use restrictions, and monetary. His first book, Shut Out (Rowman & Littlefiled, 2019) offers a contrarian theory on the causes of the housing boom and bust.

Erdmann was a small business owner for 17 years. In 2010, he sold his business and returned to school to earn his master’s degree in finance from the University of Arizona. Since 2013, he has blogged about investment strategies and economic research at His focus was initially on his approach to portfolio management, but that focus changed after he repeatedly found evidence that challenged conventional views about the housing boom and the financial crisis. Eventually that evidence accumulated to form a comprehensive new paradigm through which to view the economy and financial markets, and Mr. Erdmann now develops and communicates the lessons of this new framework for policymakers, investors, and firms. He lives in Gilbert, Arizona, with his wife and three children.