Pavel A. Yakovlev

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Pavel A. Yakovlev is an Associate Professor for the Department of Economics at Duquesne University.

Publications & Appearances

A House Divided against Itself Cannot Spend (as Much): The Fiscal Effect of Separate Taxing and Spending Committees in State Legislatures

A new study for the Mercatus Center at George Mason University shows that differences in these rules can have significant effects on policy. The study finds that states with separate taxing and spending committees spend less per capita than other states. Voters concerned about the growth of government may want to take a closer look at this phenomenon.

Elderly Migration and Education Spending: Intergenerational Conflict Revisited

Retirees have become and important demographic group for the fiscal systems of governments in the United States. A major factor in the rise of their importance is the rapid increase in elderly population.

Book Chapter: Retirees and Economic Development in West Virginia

This paper addresses the economic impact of current and potential new retirees in West Virginia by examining the economic significance of retirees and their role in public policy with a focus on a comparison with other states. This chapter presents evidence that retirees are important to state and local development and that they could be a potential source for future growth. It also points to certain potential risks involved in retiree attraction policies.