Timothy Sandefur

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Timothy Sandefur is a principal attorney at the Pacific Legal Foundation, and heads the Foundation’s Economic Liberty Project, which protects entrepreneurs against intrusive government regulation.

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State "Competitors's Veto" Laws and the Right to Earn a Living: Some Paths to Federal Reform

Occupational licensing is a major burden on economic liberty. It raises prices, restricts consumer choice, and deprives countless Americans of their right to earn a living for themselves and their families—often for no better reason than to enrich existing, politically influential firms. Among the worst of such abuses is the certificate of public convenience and necessity law, which does not even purport to protect the consumer against dangerous business practices or against incompetent or dishonest practitioners, but is explicitly designed to prevent economic competition.

State "Competitor Veto" Laws and the Right to Earn a Living: Some Paths to Federal Reform

In an article to be published in the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy in conjunction with the Mercatus Center, legal scholar Timothy Sandefur explores the history, theory, and operation of CPCN laws, also known as “Competitor Veto” laws, focusing on evidence uncovered as part of litigation challenging such laws in Missouri and Kentucky. The article concludes that because these laws are designed to protect incumbent businesses, there must be reforms on the federal level to abolish them. Several possible reforms are considered, along with objections.