March 15, 2010

Freedom in the 50 States

  • William Ruger

    Assistant Professor of Political Science, Texas State University - San Marcos
  • Jason Sorens

    Senior Affiliated Scholar

Mercatus scholars host a series of interviews with with policy scholars, elected officials and other practitioners about state and local legislative and regulatory reforms.

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The current outlook for states is dire.  In recent reports, states are expected to face a cumulative budget shortfall of $193 billion for fiscal year 2010. Federal bailouts, increased taxes, and budget gimmicks are emerging as solutions to fill budget gaps.  It is critical that states employ policies and practices that enhance economic competition.

Joining us today to discuss just where your state ranks and how states can avoid losing that competitive edge is Professors William Ruger of Texas State University and Jason Sorens of the University of Buffalo. They are the authors of the Mercatus Center’s “Freedom in the 50 States” that ranks each state on economic, personal and regulatory freedoms.