The Future of Local, State, and Federal Regulations in 2019

Even in the middle of a partial federal government shutdown, federal, state, and local agencies continue to play a huge role in the policy world and our everyday lives. Regulations help determine everything from the kind of toothpaste you used this morning to the music you listened to on the radio during your commute to rent prices in your neighborhood, and after an exciting year of regulatory policy in 2018, we're eager to hear more about how the regulatory landscape may change in the year ahead.

Here to help walk us through that and to make some predictions about what we might expect from policymakers, we're joined by three terrific guests:

  • Cheryl Bolen, reporter for Bloomberg Government, and well-known as one of the top regulatory journalists in the country
  • Emily Hamilton, economist here at Mercatus focusing on urban economics and land-use policy
  • James Broughel, economist with Mercatus and a law professor specializing in state and federal regulatory procedures

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