Protectionism, Globalization, and the Future of Trade Policy

The last time we talked about trade was back in April, right about the time China had started to threaten new taxes on imported American products. That, of course, was a response to our own new taxes imposed on imported steel and aluminum.

A lot has happened since April, including a planned replacement for the North American Free Trade Agreement, and a new Democratic majority in the House of Representatives may change the trajectory of trade policy even further.

Here to help us unpack the current state of trade policy in the US and abroad, and maybe even make some predictions about where it could be headed in the future, we're pleased to welcome our two experts: 

  • Dan Griswold is the co-director of the Mercatus Center's trade and immigration portfolio, author of the book Mad About Trade: Why Main Street America Should Embrace Globalization, and, most importantly, a repeat guest here on the Download
  • Pierre Lemieux is a senior affiliated scholar here at Mercatus. He’s a frequent university lecturer in Canada, and recently published the book What’s Wrong with Protectionism, a response to common objections to free trade

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