What the June Rate Hikes Mean for the Future of the Fed

Inflation, rate hikes, hawks, doves, and yes, even dual-mandates. We’re diving into the exciting and, at times, intractable world of the Federal Reserve today to talk about new-ish Fed Chair Jay Powell and the Fed’s recent announcement that it’s increasing its interest rate target now and in the near future.

That makes this the perfect time to talk about the direction the Fed may be heading under Powell’s leadership.

Here to answer that question, we convened an all-star panel of Fed watchers on the latest episode of the Mercatus Policy Download:

  • Jeanna Smialek, data, demographics, and monetary policy reporter for Bloomberg
  • Joseph Gagnon, international macroeconomist at the Peterson Institute for international economics
  • David Beckworth, economist, scholar with our Program for Monetary Policy here at Mercatus, and host of the podcast Macro Musings

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