April 1, 2015

Update 2: Top Foreign Buyers of US Exports Subsidized by the Export-Import Bank

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The following charts are the third in a series looking at the top foreign buyers of exports financed by the US Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im) from FY 2007 to FY 2013. The first new chart shows the total dollar amount of deals financed by Ex-Im in which the primary buyer was listed as being “unknown” or “various” in data made available to the public. It shows that 33 percent of the deals in Ex-Im’s public database used these vague labels.

The next set of charts shows the annual number of deals and the deals’ total value for the top three foreign buyers of exports financed by Ex-Im from FY 2007 to FY 2013. The top three companies are the Mexican state-owned petroleum company Pemex, with $156 billion in assets; the Ireland-based budget airline Ryanair, with $18.6 billion in market capitalization; and the Dubai-based Emirates Airlines, with 26 straight years of profits.



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