December 1, 2016

Webinar Examining Healthcare Openness and Access in the Fifty States

Jared Rhoads

Senior Affiliated Scholar

William Beach

Former Vice President of Policy Research

This event streamed live on Dec 1. You can watch the full recording above.

Though the webcast has ended, we welcome your questions:

How can residents of your state achieve better health care at lower costs? To find out, join the Mercatus Center at George Mason University for a special online discussion on the forthcoming Healthcare Openness and Access Project: Mapping the Frontier for the Next Generation of American Healthcare.

Many of the barriers in health care innovation lie in state regulations that limit new methods of supplying and consuming health care. The Healthcare Openness and Access Project shows key areas for states to improve their health care by providing measures on:

  • How open the state laws and regulations are to institutional variation in the delivery of care
  • How much access to varying modes of care is granted to patients and providers

This interactive webinar will give you the opportunity to learn about where your state is ranked and why, as well as speak directly with the authors.