'Community Revival in the Wake of Disaster' Book Panel

Available now on the Hayek Program Podcast! 

On September 8, 2016, the Hayek Program hosted a book panel on Community Revival in the Wake of Disaster: Lessons in Local Entrepreneurship, co-authored by Hayek Program Don C. Lavoie Fellow Virgil Henry Storr, Hayek Program Senior Fellow Stefanie Haeffele-Balch, and Mercatus PhD alumna Laura E. Grube. The panel included author Virgil Storr and panelists Peter Boettke, Daniel Aldrich, Lori Peek, and Emily Chamlee-Wright. The panelists discussed the findings of the book, namely how communities gain access to resources needed to rebuild after natural disasters while overcoming the collective-action problem. CC Music: Twisterium

Read more about the book at communityrevival.us. 

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