Ilia Murtazashvili

Ilia Murtazashvili International Freedom and Trade
  • Affiliated Scholar

Ilia Murtazashvili (PhD, University of Wisconsin) is Codirector of the Center for Governance and Markets and Professor in the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh. Ilia’s most recent books include Toward a Political Economy of the Commons: Simple Rules for Sustainability and The Origins and Consequences of Property Rights: Austrian, Public Choice, and Institutional Economics Perspectives. He has previously been a fellow at the Hoover Institution and is currently a Research Partner with SpectrumX: An NSF Spectrum Innovation Institute. In addition to ongoing research on management of natural resource commons, Ilia is researching barriers to prosperity on American Indian reservations, polycentric governance of electromagnetic spectrum, and governance of emerging technologies, including AI and blockchains.