Gulf Coast Recovery Project

Learning from Katrina: How Communities Can Flourish in the Wake of Disaster

August 29th marks the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina making landfall as a Category 3 hurricane. The failure of the storm surge protections from Florida to Texas, and especially in New Orleans, is considered one of the worst engineering failures by the Army Corps of Engineers in its history. The policy responses from local, state, and national public officials are also considered to have been woefully inadequate. The entire episode represents a classic case study in how government failure can compound the fury of nature through the folly of man. Peter Boettke discusses the lessons we can learn.

Local Knowledge: Caring Communities: The Role of Nonprofits in Rebuilding the Gulf Coast

This issue of Local Knowledge focuses on the role of nonprofits and social entrepreneurs in rebuilding the Gulf Coast. In this issue you can read research articles that explain what social

Best Responders

The unprecedented impacts of Hurricane Katrina provide an interesting study in how organizations innovate and improvise in the face of the unexpected. Two of the stand-out responders were Wal-Mart and the United States Coast Guard —one private-sector firm, the other a part of the federal government.