Development Economics

The World Bank and Middle East Development Policy

To understand the idea behind charter cities, one must first delve into Romer’s academic and intellectual past. Tackling low living standards has been the most important problem that economists have tried to solve since 1776, when the Scottish intellectual Adam Smith published his treatise, “The Wealth of Nations,” initiating the birth of modern economics.

The Post-Katrina Model

Based on our interviews with residents who returned to New Orleans after being displaced by Hurricane Katrina, we found that New Orleans rebounded because of hardworking residents who came together to rebuild their neighborhoods. As people affected by these wildfires begin the long path to recovery, it will be vital to allow the hardworking and enterprising residents who seek to rebuild and sustain their community do so.

Should Gates Clean His Own Toilets?

If trade skeptics are correct to insist that Americans impoverish themselves by trading freely with people whose wages are lower than Americans' wages, then Gates should not hire housemaids; he should mop his own floors and clean his own toilets ... Obviously, Gates enriches himself by trading with people whose wages are lower than his own. And what's true for Mr. Gates is no less true for every other person.

Rio's Olympic Win is Rio's Economic Loss

As it turns out, hosting the Olympics isn’t that different from competing in the games: It requires a great deal of effort, stamina and a willingness to achieve what you set out to do. When it comes to hosting, however, winning might be worse than losing. Rio should enjoy its time in the Olympic limelight, because it will certainly pay for it come September.

David Cameron's Great Blunder

The future course of globalization is likely to be charted by populations that can be both global and national, and in this regard the Brits, by choosing memory over materialism, may continue to be trendsetters.